Your 2022 CFA® Exam Schedule (and Infographic)

Your CFA Exam Schedule

There are a lot of dates to keep track of when you are preparing to take the CFA® Exam. I’ve made an infographic below that details the timeline for registering and paying for your exam.

The CFA® Exam includes three levels spread out into three exams. There are only two exam days a year–one in December and the other in June. The June exam date includes all three levels while the December exam date includes only Level I.

There are three different times you can register for your CFA® exam–early, standard, and final (late). The December exam registration opens in January while registration for June opens in July. The earlier you register, the cheaper the registration fee will be. For example, early registration for the June 2017 exam was $650 while late registration is $1,380. Also, you will receive your topic tests once you register. So register as soon as you can in order to take advantage of extra study time with the topic tests.

There are CFA® Program Awareness Scholarships available, as long as you apply before the deadline (either September 2nd or February 3rd). These scholarships are role-based opportunities available to qualified individuals in the media, academic, and financial communities. There are even scholarships for women who are interested in earning their CFA® charter.

Keep the following dates in mind during your CFA® Exam preparation and you won’t run into any surprises. Best of luck!

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So, you have read the infographic and now know the important CFA® exam dates. So, are you ready? Have you started studying? Take a look at all the CFA® Review course options by clicking the button below – we compare CFA® review courses so you can find the best one for your needs!


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