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When it comes to earning your Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) certification, you need the best CFA® study materials available. Unfortunately, many common CFA® exam prep courses and platforms are overwhelming, difficult to navigate through, or don’t give you the materials you need to succeed.

Salt Solutions CFA® is different. This one-of-a-kind comprehensive platform is the only tool you’ll need to pass the CFA® exam with flying colors.

And best of all--their CFA Level I is completely free!

Let’s explore what makes this platform so unique and accessible.

Why Are CFA® Exam Prep Courses Important?

In essence, because the CFA® exam is very difficult!

In fact, typical pass rates for the CFA Institute® exam are between 40% and 50%. In other words, the majority of candidates don’t pass the exam on their first attempt. This costs them time and money – both valuable when you are trying to jumpstart or progress your career.

However, the right CFA® prep courses and platforms can provide you with the right study materials for your needs. Furthermore, the best prep courses offer learning materials that suit your preferences, such as your learning style and more.

Bottom line: it’s always a good idea to find and take one of the best CFA® prep courses or use a well-designed platform during your studying to maximize your test results.

Salt Solutions CFA® Features

Salt Solutions CFA® is a comprehensive exam prep platform. It includes a variety of practice tests or mock exams, as well as printable materials so that candidates can study for the CFA® exam away from the computer screen if they so choose.

Salt Solutions CFA Level I Dashboard Image

Furthermore, Salt Solutions offers three different levels of lecturing and test prep guidance. These levels match each level of the CFA® exam. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect at each prep course level with Salt Solutions.

Salt Solutions Level 1 

Over 3000 multiple-choice test questions, as well as nearly 70 hours of video lectures. Gain access to performance analytics, review notes, 3 sets of mock exams, and the Salt Solutions CheckPoints scheduler.

Salt Solutions Level 2

Over 700 multiple-choice test questions, plus about 50 hours of video lectures. Gain access to performance analytics, review notes, 3 sets of mock exams, and the Salt Solutions CheckPoints scheduler.

Salt Solutions Level 3

Over 720 multiple-choice test questions, plus about 40 hours of video lectures. Gain access to performance analytics, review notes, 3 sets of mock exams, and the Salt Solutions CheckPoints scheduler. Also, they allow access to a constructed response self-grading rubric.

Each level of the Salt Solutions CFA® test prep program includes three quality mock exams per level. Therefore, all candidates will get many different opportunities to test their skills and knowledge, ensuring they will be adequately prepared for the real exam when they finally take it.

Salt Solutions CFA Questions Example Image

A custom quiz builder with many practice questions combines with the platform’s other features to create a CFA® learning experience that facilitates a complete understanding of the material.

With Full Exam Access, you get to these review course materials until you pass your exam. However, candidates also have the freedom and flexibility to cancel their monthly subscriptions whenever they like. If you don’t voluntarily cancel your subscription, it cancels automatically after your provided exam date (assuming that you pass, of course!). Of course, this doesn’t apply to Level I since it’s completely free.

Salt Solutions Helps Candidates Through Common Challenges

Many CFA® exam prep courses and platforms have major issues and challenges. 

For example, they may overwhelm their candidates with the amount of material presented. Or they might force candidates to try to fit rigorous study hours into their busy daily schedules. On top of that, many candidates find it difficult to stay focused when prepping for the CFA® exam, especially when presented with dry or boring material in their prep courses.

Salt Solutions seeks to change all of that. For starters, Salt Solutions CFA® does not overwhelm any of its candidates. The simplistic and streamlined interface ensures that candidates only see what they absolutely need to when watching a particular lecture or taking a mock exam.

Salt Solutions CFA Quantitative Methods Example

That’s not all. Salt Solutions also allows candidates to proceed through the material at their own pace. Therefore, candidates can prep for the exam on a schedule that works for their needs and busy lives. In other words, Salt Solutions is a student-focused CFA® exam prep platform.

Salt Solutions CFA Goal Example

Quality and Support in Each Video

Salt Solutions CFA® goes above and beyond what other CFA® exam prep courses can offer in part because of its excellent video lecture quality. Because this exam preparation platform was designed and launched by a multidisciplinary team of teachers and charterholders who already have extensive experience in the field, candidates will find it a polished and overall welcoming experience from the first video they watch to the last.

The Salt Solutions team implemented a high level of quality and care in each of the video lessons. Their quality control measures include closed captioning, scriptwriting, graphics, and more. This helps candidates retain material, as well—the more engaging video lectures are, the easier it is to remember what they talk about.

Salt Solutions Arbitrage CFA Example

Thanks to Salt Solutions’ curated learning experience, each candidate will find exactly what they need to succeed once they try this test prep company. The learning materials and video lectures rely on a proven and effective method for passing the exam.

The video lectures in Salt Solutions CFA® include:

  • Coverage of every major reading in the CFA® curriculum
  • Lengths of around 10 minutes long
  • Animation effects to anchor the discussed concepts in a visual way
  • Annotations to assist with CFA® curriculum learning and memorization

All in all, the video lectures for Salt Solutions CFA® are far and away superior to what you’ll find on most other CFA® exam prep platforms.

Instructor Support

Then there’s the instructor support candidates can expect when they use Salt Solutions CFA®. All candidates get access to a discussion forum, which breaks down different threads for each mock exam or test question. This allows candidates to pursue detailed guidance for individual subjects or topics as they need to. There’s also a general discussion forum, of course.

In addition, all test candidates may submit questions to their instructors. Instructors respond to each query within 24 to 48 hours, offering in-depth and comprehensive answers to ensure material retention and full understanding.

Few CFA® exam prep courses come close to the quality and support that Salt Solutions brings to the table.

Full Exam Access Pass Guarantee

Candidates who purchase Salt Solutions Full Exam Access also receive a pass guarantee. In essence, all candidates with this level of access can continue using their level’s materials as long as they need and until they pass the CFA® exam.

How to Know Whether Salt Solutions CFA® Is Right for You?

If you’ve already tried studying for the CFA® exam and haven’t had much luck, you may need a different test prep platform or course collection. The CFA exam, while difficult, can be passed with the right mindset and with the right study materials.

However, the majority of CFA® exam prep courses force you to learn at their pace and in their style. They don’t account for your learning tastes or preferences. Salt Solutions is different in that it uses a fundamentally proven method to help you study for the CFA® exam and pass it the first time.

More importantly, the customization and flexibility of Salt Solutions’ learning levels allow you to pursue the study materials that relate most to your exam level and prior knowledge. 

You don’t have to waste time. For example, learning earlier materials that you’ve already mastered, nor do you need to progress through sequential modules that don’t offer you any benefits for your upcoming test.

You might consider trying Salt Solutions if:

  • You’ve tried CFA® test prep platforms before with no luck.
  • You’ve already taken the CFA® exam and want to pass it next time.
  • You want exam prep help from knowledgeable experts in the industry.

Try Salt Solutions CFA® today!

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