Wiley CFA® Review vs Fitch Learning

Wiley vs Fitch Learning CFA Review

Wiley vs Fitch Learning CFA ReviewWhich CFA exam prep course is better, Wiley CFA Review or Fitch Learning CFA Review? In this head-to-head comparison, I rate its software, practice tests, cost, and other important features to help you decide which review course is a better fit for you.

I have used both of these courses and found some very significant differences that every CFA® candidate should know about when considering both of these options.

(You can also read our full, individual breakdown of both Wiley CFA® & Fitch Learning CFA® to further understand which course best suits your needs)

Wiley CFA® vs. Fitch Learning Value

Wiley offers different options for courses that range in price, but the platinum course is the most inclusive and most popular. The Wiley CFA® Platinum Review Course for Levels 1 and 2 is $1,295 and $995 for Level 3. Fitch, on the other hand, is slightly cheaper at $995 per level. However, the value that Wiley offers is tough to match—paying a little more for a better course makes sense if you want to pass the exam the first time around!

Winner: Wiley CFA® Review

Course Expiration and Access

All content updates and software upgrades for Wiley CFA® are not only free, but also provide unlimited access to users after purchase. Most other courses are not so generous and they usually expire on your exam day.

Fitch Learning is like other courses and provides you with full access until your exam date. This could end up costing you more if you fail and need to take the course again, even if it is offered for a discounted price to re-enroll. Both courses do offer a pass or refund guarantee, but make sure to read the fine print to make sure that you can qualify.

Winner: Wiley CFA® Review

CFA® Exam Practice Questions

Both Wiley and Fitch have comparable practice questions. Wiley comes with 4,000 practice questions while Fitch has 3,000. Though it’s only 1,000 questions, that’s quite the difference maker when it comes time to study. 

The quality of the questions is pretty similar, so the sheer number that Wiley provides really adds to the value of the course overall. 

Winner: Wiley CFA® Review

Student-Instructor Support

Fitch has a unique student support system that you may find helpful. You will have 24/7 access to the help desk, where you can get in touch with more than 20 qualified instructors all over the world. Also, you will receive periodic calls from mentors to talk about your progress or any questions you may have. This can be annoying if you like to study on your own and reach out only when you’re confused. You may like the extra support Fitch offers because it will keep you motivated.    

Wiley also has a support system in place because it knows you’re not alone on your CFA® journey. You can connect with fellow peers and join a community that understands the brutal commitment you made to become a CFA® because it is in the same boat as you. Wiley has tools directly built into the content that will allow you to interact with subject matter experts 24/7. This makes it extremely easy to ask questions while studying the material.

Winner: Wiley CFA® Review

Course Formats

Wiley understands how difficult it is to stay engaged with CFA® topics. That is why it has formatted its course into bite-sized lessons. There is a huge amount of material you need to cover before test day, so why not have it organized into small short lessons that aren’t as intimidating to take on. You will be able to retain more information and stay engaged with the 30 minute lessons that can easily fit into your schedule.

Fitch Learning is also formatted for those with a busy schedule. It has lessons that range in length with some that are only a couple minutes long, making it easy to sneak in a quick study session. There is also a live classroom option that is available in only a few select cities. The limited locations make the live class option less than ideal for many, but the overall course format is similar to Wiley’s reputable course.

Winner: Wiley CFA

Pass Guarantee

Fitch has put more than 31,000 CFA® Exam candidates through since 2000. It offers a “No Pass No Pay” guarantee because it is so confident in its course and wants to show how committed it is to you and your CFA® journey. However, the guarantee is only available for the Level 1 course, not Level 2 or 3.

Wiley has a pass guarantee for all three levels of the CFA® Exam and will give you access to its up-to-date course until you pass. Wiley has been in Test Prep game since 1974 and has helped thousands of finance pros pass their CFA® certification exams. Its “pay only once until you pass” guarantee is evidence of Wiley’s years of excelling as a top ranked CFA® prep course.

Winner: Wiley CFA Review

My Suggestion

So which course is better? Wiley beats Fitch Learning in almost every category except two: amount of practice questions and cost. I would say Wiley is the better CFA® test prep course because Wiley still provides an ample amount of practice questions that are not too much more expensive than Fitch (especially with the discounts available for Wiley).

Wiley is the best course out there for the price. Its clear format, bite-sized lectures, and incredible reputation makes it Crush’s number one recommended course. I suggest checking out the the free demos to see which course fits your learning style before deciding because everyone is different. Best of luck!

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