Wiley CFA® Review

Wiley CFA Review


Wiley CFA Review has combined forces with Elan Guides in an attempt to offer one of the best CFA® courses on the market. Their comprehensive CFA® review course comes with unlimited access to all their study materials, but is it really worthwhile?

This course is decent if you want to save time on video lectures and just focus on drilling with practice questions. However, it has some serious issues when it comes to studying on the go from various mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. Keep reading and see for yourself what makes this course both good and bad:


1. Unlimited Course Access

Wiley CFA® Exam Review course materials come with unlimited access, so you never have to worry about expiration dates. You have access to the course until you pass the exam and all course content updates and software upgrades are free. These are great features for a CFA® course; most competitors restrict use to a specific time frame.

2. Bite-Sized Lessons

There is a huge amount of material to cover for the CFA® Exam. Fortunately, Wiley has organized it all into clear and concise lessons. Shorter lessons allow you to stay more engaged, retain more information, and monitor your progress. Wiley allows you to cover most lessons in approximately 30 minutes, so you can easily fit short study sessions into your schedule.

3. Exam Study Planner

With Wiley’s adaptable Exam Planner, you can enter the date of your exam and it will provide you with a customized study plan so you know exactly what to study each day. This takes the guesswork out of how much time you should spend studying for the exam.

4. Free Trial

You can go to Wiley’s website and try the online study materials for 24 hours for free. Your email and password will give you access to the exam planner, short lessons and video lectures, the study text, practice exams, practice questions, and performance metrics, so you can try it before you buy it. A free pop quiz and eBook on how to pass the CFA® exam are also available under the CFA® Exam Program Resources tab.


1. Extensive Number of Course Options

Wiley CFA CoursesAlthough it is nice to be able to customize the exact study plan that works best for you, the website offers 5 different courses (platinum, gold, silver, self study, and 11th hour) for the level 1 and level II CFA® exams, along with a series of optional supplements and add-ons that may be bought separately for an additional fee. You will have to consider price, your schedule, and how much preparation you think you need in order to determine which course is best for you.

2. Mobile Device Unfriendly

wiley cfa mobileWiley CFA® Exam Review is supposedly optimized for tablet use for studying on the go. The idea is to work through lessons on various mobile devices that are synced so you can switch between them and pick up exactly where you left off each time you log in. In reality, the actual user experience is far from ideal. According to angry reviews left by disappointed students, these apps are prone to disconnections and limit your access to Wiley’s full course material.

Ideal User

Wiley’s CFA® exam prep materials are aimed at busy working professionals. These courses are ideal for audio visual learners who are looking for a comprehensive yet flexible course. The lessons are taught by experienced instructors and are designed to make studying efficient and effective.

The idea is that you should be able to complete a short lesson that consists of a video, reading a study text, and answering a few assessment questions on your lunch break or in a 30-45 minute study session whenever you can squeeze it into your day.

With that being said, you’ll only have satisfactory results if you study on a laptop or desktop. Any other device will require their notoriously unreliable app, which can be aggravating and stressful to manage. If you like to study on an iPad or smartphone, this is definitely not the right course for you!

My Suggestion

Wiley CFA® offers a comprehensive and portable way to prepare for the CFA exam on your own terms. The bite-sized lessons fit into even the busiest of schedules, and the ability to use the course as long as you need it is a nice bonus. Having over 3,000 questions is nice, but it would be even nicer if you could reliably access them no matter where you are.

Honestly, you’re probably better off trying a different CFA review course. For instance, take a look at the way Wiley compares to Kaplan’s CFA review courses in our side-by-side comparison.

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