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Whether you’re preparing for Level I, Level II, or Level III of the Chartered Financial Analyst exam, we recommend Wiley’s online course as the best choice for your study needs. This course will provide a ton of practice questions alongside over 90 hours of video content; you can even attend live virtual classes for a more authentic experience. If that sounds like a good fit for your exam prep, you can start at a discount if you take advantage of the Wiley promo codes listed below!

CFA Coupon Codes for Wiley Efficient Learning

Becoming a financial analyst demonstrates to employers that you’re an expert at understanding the flow of money at an institutional level. This is why passing the CFA exam is a great career move for accountants looking to increase their earning potential and employment prospects. You can start making good financial decisions from the very beginning of your educational journey by using a Wiley promo code to knock a few hundred dollars off your enrollment costs— just use one of the codes above!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before using one of our wiley coupon codes, you might have some questions about their educational curriculum and course catalog. Check out these answers below to learn what you need to start your study schedule with confidence:

Can you self-study CFA Level 1?

So long as you meet the education and experience requirements to sit for the CFA exam, you shouldn’t have any issue studying independently for it. However, the best way to ensure you get the most out of a self-study program is to use one of the best online CFA prep courses.

Is Wiley or Kaplan better for CFA?

Both Wiley and Kaplan offer useful online test prep courses that can help you study for the CFA exam. However, Wiley has the better overall course due to a larger library of video content and extra final review materials, so we recommend signing up for their course using one a promotional code from our page.

Is getting a CFA course worth it?

If you’re preparing to take the CFA exam, a review course like Wiley can take a lot of busywork and  stress out of your test prep routine. These courses offer guided study that’s tailored to you, and the extra coupon codes available above mean you can save money on these materials, which makes signing up even more worthwhile.