Best FRM Exam Prep Courses

Best FRM Prep Courses

Best FRM Prep CoursesThe first step to becoming a Financial Risk Manager is finding a high-quality FRM course.

You will be spending dozens of hours studying with it, so it’s critical to find one that matches your personal learning style.

We have reviewed all the major FRM exam prep courses on the market so you don’t have to! The comparison chart below will help you find the FRM study materials that best fit your needs.

5 Best FRM Prep Courses of 2024

Analyst Prep FRM (Rank: #1)


  • User Friendly: Above anything else, AnalystPrep is dedicated to providing an easy-to-use online learning platform for all their FRM students. Many of the small annoyances you’d find with other online review courses are absent in their course— Sign up with your existing social media accounts and start studying quickly.
  • Constant Practice: With AnalystPrep’s FRM prep courses, you can generate an unlimited supply of practice tests. Additionally, you’re free to tweak each test to strengthen your knowledge of specific content areas or focus on content you’ve never covered before.
  • Forums and Discussion: Have an issue with any of your FRM study materials? AnalystPrep has community forums built into their entire platform; this allows you to leave comments on specific questions or notes and receive helpful replies from fellow students and faculty.
  • Offline Compatibility: If you don’t want to study while connected to the internet, AnalystPrep has a solution for you. Feel free to convert practice materials from each section into downloadable and printable PDF files. This will let you continue studying for the FRM exam no matter where you are.



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Kaplan FRM (Rank: #2)

Kaplan Image


Ready to crush the FRM? If you’re a financial risk manager and want to prove your readiness to make informed decisions based on industry standards, Kaplan Schweser can help.

Because they offer an OnDemand course that fuses traditional, industry expert-led lessons with an online learning environment, Kaplan is paving the way for FRM test prep with intensive FRM instruction.

Kaplan FRM Features

  • Flexible instruction/Online Learning Platform
  • 15 OnDemand Sessions that cover all FRM exam topics
  • Instructor’s slides to review before each OnDemand session
  • Sample FRM exam questions for practice 
  • Proven Track Record: With a student recommendation record of 92%, Kaplan Schweser is one of the most highly recommended FRM exam prep programs available. They have a long track record of success and have been considered the go-to test prep company for several decades. Because of this, they have a lot more connections and resources that they make available to their students. They also offer personalized study plans and teach proven study strategies that make it easier to pass the FRM on the first try. 
  • Blended Resources: FRM prep courses often go one of two ways. They’re either traditional pen-to-paper courses, or they’re entirely online. Kaplan Schweser has study paths that include both, offering both an interactive learning platform and print resources. 
  • Upgrade Options: Kaplan Schweser allows FRM candidates to upgrade from individual study guides and class access to a Premium Package. This package marries the OnDemand class sessions with two mock exams, review materials, as well as Schweser Notes, access to the quiz bank, and much more. 
  • Offline Compatibility: If you don’t want to study while connected to the internet, AnalystPrep has a solution for you. Feel free to convert practice materials from each section into downloadable and printable PDF files. This will let you continue studying for the FRM exam no matter where you are.
  • Pricing: The FRM OnDemand course is currently priced at $299, with the PremiumPlus Package listed at just under $800. It is important to note that this is just for part one of the FRM, and you must purchase part 2 study materials separately. These are two of the cons of Kaplan Schweser FRM offerings. Although the quality is high with Kaplan Schweser, it may not be affordable for some FRM candidates. Thankfully, they do offer special financing for those who qualify. 

Bottom Line: Kaplan’s FRM materials combine expert-driven content with a structured study approach, providing students with a comprehensive and coherent roadmap to exam success. Renowned for its clarity and in-depth coverage, Kaplan is a reliable choice for those seeking a high-quality FRM preparation experience.



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Bionic Turtle FRM (Rank: #3)


  • Extensive Community Forum: Check out the huge forum for answers to all of your FRM questions! You can ask more than 30,000 members to share advice and study tips and browse individual forums. Several areas are open to anyone, but the practice questions area requires a subscription to one of the review courses.
  • Study Notes and Instructional Videos: The Study Notes and Videos really help you sift through the often complex quantitative concepts that are tested on the exam. Straightforward explanations and visual demonstrations help you solve practice problems step by step in a way that makes sense.
  • Large Question Bank: The data bank contains thousands of practice questions that will help you prepare thoroughly for the exam. Company founder, David Harper, writes new questions and introduces them to the community forum first, and the test bank is continuously updated to reflect the actual exam.
  • Depth of Content: Bionic Turtle’s resources frequently offer a detailed exploration of topics. This depth is ideal for individuals seeking a comprehensive grasp, but it might be daunting for those preferring a more succinct or surface-level overview.
  • Presentation Style: Some users have mentioned that Bionic Turtle’s content delivery can be dense and technical. While the in-depth explanations are appreciated by those familiar with financial concepts, beginners or those with limited prior knowledge might find it challenging to digest and understand the materials at first glance.

Udemy FRM (Rank: #4)


  • Video Lessons: This course relies heavily on video lessons available on-demand. They can be re-watched as many times as you want, so you can use these hundreds of hours of video for as long as you need in order to ensure you truly understand the important aspects of being a FRM.
  • Lifetime Access: Unlike other companies who limit your time with their course, Udemy wants you to always have access to these materials. This is convenient if you need to brush up on certain topics during your future professional life. And if you ever need to re-certify for any reason, you can use these materials instead of paying a renewal or using a different course.
  • Mobile Friendly: Udemy’s FRM courses can be completed on any device at any time. Do you prefer to study in short bursts in between other activities? Simply pull your phone out during breaks and watch a couple of videos. For longer sessions, you can sit in front of a computer or tablet.
  • No Tests: Although Udemy is meant for you to study on your own, it doesn’t include any practice exams to help. Instead, you can complete multiple choice questions found in downloadable PDFs. This is serviceable but far less convenient when compared to AnalystPrep.
  • Absence of Cohesive Curriculum: Numerous Udemy courses operate as independent modules, lacking a continuous study pathway for the complete FRM curriculum. As a result, students may find themselves merging content from various courses or seeking external resources to comprehensively cover the FRM syllabus.

Bottom Line: Udemy offers lifetime access and a mobile-friendly platform for flexible FRM study. However, its courses may lack a cohesive curriculum, requiring students to navigate and sometimes supplement material for comprehensive coverage.

APNA Course FRM (Rank: #5)

apna course frm


  • Full-Length Practice Exams: One of the best features of APNA Review is that students get access to 4 full-length practice exams. One of the best way to prepare for an exam is to take a realistic practice test under exam-like conditions. Of the courses we review here, only APNA gives clients that option.
  • Affordable Price: APNA’s relatively low price tag makes it an ideal supplement to other review materials or great for students who are on a tight budget. For only $180 you will get access to practice exams, several hundred practice questions, instructional videos, a forum, and ebook. Try it for free first by taking advantage of their free demo!
  • Part 2 Materials Limited: Although the course materials for Part 1 have been available for some time, the Part 2 FRM course was recently released and has only had a few enrolled clients. It includes 11+ videos and 40 lecture topics as compared to 27+ videos and 91 lecture topics for the Part 1 course.
  • Limited Interactivity: The APNA FRM course primarily relies on video lectures and written content. Some learners might find the absence of interactive elements—such as quizzes, simulations, or hands-on practice problems—a drawback, as these components can enhance comprehension and retention of complex financial concepts.

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