Wiley CFA vs. Kaplan CFA Review

Which CFA prep course is better, Wiley CFA Review or Kaplan Schweser CFA Review? To help you decide, I’ll evaluate the software, practice tests, cost, and other important features of each course to help you decide which is a better fit for you.

I have used both of these courses and through my experience have found that there are some stark differences between the two.

(You can also read my full, individual breakdown of both Wiley CFA & Kaplan Schweser CFA to further understand which course best suits your needs)

Wiley vs Kaplan CFA - Which course is better?


Wiley offers different options for courses that range in price, but the platinum course is the most popular and the easiest to use for the sake of comparison. The cost of the Wiley CFA Platinum Review Course for Levels 1 ۽ 2 is $1,295, and Level 3 is $995.

Kaplan, on the other hand, is more expensive, as Level 1, سطح 2, and Level 3 courses are all priced at $1,499—quite a big difference in cost! Given that the value of the courses is about equal, with Wiley offering a better overall package, it’s a no-brainer which course wins this category!

Winner: Wiley CFA جائزو

Course Expiration and Access

All content updates and software upgrades for Wiley CFA are not only free, but also provide grant users unlimited access after the purchasing date. Other courses tend to lack this type of deal, as generosity isn’t overly common in the CFA test prep space.

Kaplan’s offering is like other courses and provides you with full access until your exam date. If you fail the first time around, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to re-up and take another stab at the exam with this course.

Winner: Wiley CFA جائزو

CFA Exam Practice Questions

انهن ڪورس جي ٻئي چڱي-sourced عملي سوال پروفيشنل جو CFA امتحان لاء زير تعليم آهن تيار ڪرڻ آهي. Wiley سان اچي ٿو 4,000 سوالن جا عملي ۽ Kaplan ته انگ سان ملي.

هن سوال جي معيار کي پيارو ساڳي آهي, پوء حقيقت اوھان کي گھٽ ۾ گھٽ لاء Wiley پئڪيج حاصل ڪري سگهو ٿا ته $250 گهٽ کان Kaplan ان جي پڌري فاتح بڻائي. توهان غلط وڃڻ نه وڃڻ چاهيو ٿا يا سوال جي ڪناري سان, تنهن هوندي به.

Winner: Wiley CFA جائزو

شاگرد-سيکارڻ حمايت

ڇاڪاڻ ته ان کي ڄاڻندڙ آھي اوھان کي اوھان جي CFA سفر تي اڪيلا ناهيو Wiley به جاء تي هڪ حمايت نظام ڪئي. توهان جو ساٿي پنهنجي ساٿين سان ڳنڍڻ ۽ هڪ ڪميونٽي ته ضروري لگن جي سطح کي سمجهي ۾ شامل هڪ CFA هئڻ ڪري سگهو ٿا. Wiley has tools directly built into the course that will allow you to interact with subject matter experts 24/7—this is an extremely helpful component of the course. Since this type of service could make or break certain study sessions, it’s hard to match this level of support.

While Kaplan doesn’t go as far as Wiley, it does have a decent offering in terms of support. The Ask Your Instructor function in the Kaplan course provides users with a solid option. If you ask exam or technical questions, you can expect to get an answer within 24 hours. It’s not immediate, but it’s certainly an okay timeline. Still, Wiley wins again.

Winner: Wiley CFA جائزو

ڪورس فارميٽ

Wiley understands the challenges that CFA candidates face with regard to staying engaged while studying. That is why it designed its course with brevity in mind—the bite-sized lessons are easy to get through and won’t seem clunky or overbearing. There is a significant amount of material you need to cover before test day, so the smaller lesson sizes may help with understanding difficult concepts. Thanks to the 30-minute lessons, you’ll make it through the lengthy studying periods without wanting to quit or pack it in for good.

Kaplan has a great course, but there’s not a specific benefit that you’re going to see it offer that other companies haven’t included in the numerous CFA test prep options. Although there are some great features, the lack of any real extra value makes the overall price tag way too high for anyone to actually consider. That’s really the difference between these two courses—there’s nothing special in the Kaplan course that justifies such a big gap in pricing.

Winner: Wiley CFA جائزو

Wiley vs Kaplan Pass Guarantee


Wiley has a pass guarantee for all three levels of the CFA Exam and you’re going to get access to its full course until you pass! Wiley has been in Test Prep game since 1974 and has helped thousands of finance pros pass their CFA certification exams. This type of gravitas in the industry is tough to match, and it really shows. Its “pay only once until you pass” guarantee is evidence of its confidence in the products that it puts out.

Given that you’re going to pay such a high price for the Kaplan course, توهان حقيقت ۾ ضمانت يا کوڙ رسائي جي ڪجهه بهترين قسم جي اميد لڳي. However, حڪم جي صورت ۾ Kaplan کان اوھان جي واپسي جي دعوي ڪرڻ ۾ اوھان نڪري نه ٿو, توهان مخصوص معيار جو تعداد ملڻ ڪرڻو پوندو.

Winner: Wiley CFA جائزو

منهنجي ان تجويز

پوء جن البته بهتر آهي? Wiley ۾ Kaplan ڪالوني…هر هڪ جو درجو. جڏهن ته Kaplan هڪ چڱيء طرح حقيقت نه آهي, ۽ ان جي چند عظيم خصوصيتون آهن ڪندو, اتي اهڙي هڪ اعلي شروعاتي قيمت لاء جواز جي کوٽ آهي.

Wiley جي قيمت لاء ٻاهر بهترين حقيقت آهي. ان جو واضح فارميٽ, چٻين-اوچائي مذاڪرات لاء, ۽ بيٽسمين شهرت ان چهرن جي تعداد ۾ هڪ رخ جي سفارش ڪندو. مون کي ٻاهر چيڪ صلاح آزاد demos جنهن حقيقت تعالى عنہ کان اڳ پنهنجي سکيا طرز جو جتن ڪيو، ڇاڪاڻ ته هر ماڻهو مختلف آهي ڏسڻ لاء. تنهنجا ڀاڳ ڀلا!


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