Wiley vs Kaplan Schweser CFA Review

Updated:September 26, 2018
Bryce Welker
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Which CFA® prep course is better, Wiley or Kaplan Schweser CFA Review? To help you decide, I’ll evaluate the software, practice tests, cost, and other important features of each course to help you decide which is a better fit for you.

I have used both of these courses and through my experience found there are some stark differences between the two.

(You can also read my full, individual breakdown of both Wiley CFA® & Kaplan Schweser CFA® to further understand which course best suits your needs)

Wiley vs Kaplan CFA - Which course is better?


Wiley offers different options for courses that range in price, but the platinum course is the most popular and the easiest to use for the sake of comparison. The cost of the Wiley CFA® Platinum Review Course for Levels 1 ug 2 is $1,295, ug Level 3 is $995.

Kaplan, on the other hand, is more expensive, as Level 1, Level 2, ug Level 3 courses are all priced at $1,499—quite a big difference in cost! Given that the value of the courses is about equal, with Wiley offering a better overall package, it’s a no-brainer which course wins this category!

Winner: Wiley CFA® Review

Course Expiration and Access

All content updates and software upgrades for Wiley CFA® are not only free, but also provide grant users unlimited access after the purchasing date. Other courses tend to lack this type of deal, as generosity isn’t overly common in the CFA® test prep space.

Kaplan’s offering is like other courses and provides you with full access until your exam date. If you fail the first time around, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to re-up and take another stab at the exam with this course.

Winner: Wiley CFA® Review

CFA® Exam Practice Questions

Duha niini nga mga kurso nga adunay maayo-tinubdan praktis mga pangutana sa pag-andam nga mga propesyonal nga nagtuon sa mga CFA® exam. Wiley moabut uban sa 4,000 nagabuhat pangutana ug Kaplan matches gidaghanon nga.

Ang kalidad sa mga pangutana mao ang pretty susama nga, mao nga ang mga kamatuoran nga imong mahimo og sa Wiley package alang sa labing menos $250 ubos pa kay sa Kaplan kini sa tin-aw nga mananaog. dili ka na sa pag-adto sayop sa bisan hain pangutana bangko, Apan.

Winner: Wiley CFA® Review

Student-Instructor Support

Wiley usab nga adunay usa ka suporta nga sistema sa dapit tungod kay kini nahibalo nga ikaw wala mag-inusara sa imong CFA® panaw. You can connect with fellow peers and join a community that understands the level of dedication necessary to become a CFA®.

Wiley has tools directly built into the course that will allow you to interact with subject matter experts 24/7—this is an extremely helpful component of the course. Since this type of service could make or break certain study sessions, it’s hard to match this level of support.

While Kaplan doesn’t go as far as Wiley, it does have a decent offering in terms of support. The Ask Your Instructor function in the Kaplan course provides users with a solid option. If you ask exam or technical questions, you can expect to get an answer within 24 hours. It’s not immediate, but it’s certainly an okay timeline. Still, Wiley wins again.

Winner: Wiley CFA® Review

Course Formats

Wiley understands the challenges that CFA® candidates face with regard to staying engaged while studying. That is why it designed its course with brevity in mind—the bite-sized lessons are easy to get through and won’t seem clunky or overbearing. There is a significant amount of material you need to cover before test day, so the smaller lesson sizes may help with understanding difficult concepts. Thanks to the 30-minute lessons, you’ll make it through the lengthy studying periods without wanting to quit or pack it in for good.

Kaplan has a great course, but there’s not a specific benefit that you’re going to see it offer that other companies haven’t included in the numerous CFA® test prep options. Although there are some great features, ang kakulang sa bisan unsa nga tinuod nga dugang nga bili naghimo sa kinatibuk-ang presyo tag paagi hataas ra kaayo alang sa bisan kinsa sa tinuod nga hisgotan. Nga gayud ang kalainan tali niining duha ka mga kurso-walay espesyal nga diha sa dalan Kaplan nga ang nagamatarung sa maong usa ka dako nga gintang sa pagbili.

Winner: Wiley CFA® Review

Wiley vs Kaplan Pass Guarantee

Wiley adunay usa ka pass garantiya alang sa tanang tulo ka mga ang-ang sa CFA® Pasulit ug nga ikaw moadto sa pagkuha sa access ngadto sa iyang bug-os nga dalan hangtud nga kamo! Wiley na sa Test Prep duwa sukad 1974 ug nakatabang sa liboan ka mga finance pros moagi sa ilang CFA® certification exams. This type of gravitas in the industry is tough to match, and it really shows. Its “pay only once until you pass” guarantee is evidence of its confidence in the products that it puts out.

Given that you’re going to pay such a high price for the Kaplan course, you’d really expect some awesome type of guarantee or lifetime access. Apan, in order to claim your refund from Kaplan in the case you don’t pass, you will have to meet a number of specific criteria.

Winner: Wiley CFA® Review

Ang akong Sugyot

So which course is better? Wiley beats Kaplan in…every single category. While Kaplan isn’t a horrible course, and it does have a few great features, there’s a lack of justification for such a high initial price.

Wiley mao ang labing maayo nga dalan gikan didto alang sa bili. Niini tin-aw nga format, mopaak-kadako lectures, ug talagsaon nga reputasyon kini nga gidaghanon sa usa ka girekomendar nga kurso ni Crush. nagsugyot ko pagsusi sa mga free demos sa pagtan-aw nga dalan mohaum sa imong estilo sa pagkat-on sa atubangan sa pagdesisyon tungod kay ang tanan mao ang lain-laing mga. Labing maayo sa luck!





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