AnalystPrep FRM & CFA Review

AnalystPrep is an educational company that strikes a difficult balance of information and accessibility. They do this through technological refinement by creating a high-tech online dashboard, as well as a focus on providing in-depth study materials for different finance-related certifications.

2020 FRM Exam Dates

Passing the two FRM exams isn’t the only requirement. You also have to demonstrate a minimum of two years of full-time work experience in a related field. The approved areas of work include portfolio management, industry research, auditing, and risk consulting.

Best FRM Exam Prep Courses

The first step to becoming a Financial Risk Manager is finding a high-quality FRM course. You will be spending dozens of hours studying with it, so it’s critical to find one that matches your personal learning style. We have reviewed all the major FRM exam prep courses on the market so you don’t have to! The comparison chart below will help you find the FRM study materials that best fit your needs. FRM Prep Course Comparison Chart Analyst…

Bionic Turtle FRM Review

Bionic Turtle was one of the first FRM preparation providers to instruct with videos and e-learning tools. Founded by David Harper in 2004, the owner continues to write practice exam questions and tests them out on the world’s most active FRM forum that Bionic Turtle has developed.