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Hi, I’m Matt, Your CFA Exam Expert.

My name is Matt and I’m here to help you pass the CFA Exam. Let’s find what motivates you, figure out your learning style, and get you on your way to becoming a CFA. It’s a wonderful career path filled with tons of opportunity. Do you want to be seen as a strategic financial adviser that’s instrumental in advising public and private companies on mergers, acquisitions, capital raises, restructurings, divestitures and strategic advisory assignments? Of course you do, it’s why you’re here. And I’m sure you’re aware of how much of a time commitment this endeavor will be for you.

I was lucky enough to have a mentor for the process and it’s been my pleasure to do the same for others. This site allows me to bring that mentorship to as many as possible has been an amazing journey. Passing the CFA Exam is a daunting task and failure at any point can set you back years. I’m here to help you Crush the Financial Analyst Exam and do it the first time you try. I’ve poured through the various prep courses and know how to help you choose the best one for you. I also have plenty of discounts available for whichever course you choose.

In addition, I’ve also negotiated discounted prices for the featured prep courses on this site to help ease your burden. Be sure to read through each to find the course that best matches your individual learning style and budget.

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