Find the best prep courses for the CFA Exam and get actionable study tips to help you study more efficiently, pass the Level I, II, and III CFA exams, ۽ هئڻ هڪ CFA® Charterholder.

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1. Get the Requirements For The CFA® Exam

ٻاهر مان ڳولا ڪريو جي گهرج ويھ ڪرڻ ۽ هتي جي CFA امتحان رجسٽر ڪرائڻ.

2. Find the Best CFA® Exam Review Course For توهان

بهترين Compare CFA® Exam Review Courses:

Wiley Review

Wiley Review has combined forces with Elan Guides in a recent business acquisition to offer one of the best CFA courses on the market. Their comprehensive CFA® Exam review course comes with unlimited access to all their study materials so you never have to worry about them expiring.

Adept Prep Review

AdaptPrep is quickly gaining popularity as a time efficient and tech-savvy way to study for the CFA® Exam. سندن ڪوٺيء جو مڪمل رفتار ۽ افاديت تي ڌيان ڏيڻ لاء ان جي تياري جا مواد ۽ پليٽ فارم redesigned ڪري ڇڏيو آهي.

Apptuto Review

Apptuto Review uses innovative technology and a seamless learning platform to offer a fresh new look and feel to preparing for the CFA® exam.

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AnalystPrep ReviewBloomberg ReviewFitch Learning Review Kaplan Review

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4. Pass The CFA® Exam Level I

You’ve decided you are ready to take on the challenge of the CFA® exam and become a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) charterholder. پڪ تون هن جي ذريعي فڪر ڪيو آهي، ڇاڪاڻ ته ان کي هڪ سخت جوڙو سالن جي ٿي وڃڻ جي ڪر. جيتوڻيڪ فقط 20% of the people who take Level I make it all the way to the end and earn their CFA® license, اتي جي امتحان بيتن کي ڪو راز آهي… وڌيڪ پڙهو >>

5. Pass The CFA® Exam Level II

You’ve passed Level I of the CFA program. مبارڪون! هاڻي ان کي بدنام سطح II جي حاصل ڪرڻ لاء تيار وقت آهي. سطح II جي شهرت ڪافي intimidating ٿي سگهي ٿو وٺي ڪيترن ئي اميدوارن کي ويچار هن جي CFA امتحان جي سڀ کان وڌيڪ مشڪل سطح ٿي. وڌيڪ پڙهو >>

6. Pass The CFA® Exam Level II

توهان جو وچولو اتي جي ڀيٽ ۾ وڌيڪ آهيو! ۽ اوھان کي صرف ان جي beastly سطح II جي مات ڏني آهي. ان کي هتي مان آسان ٿي وڃي ... سڄي? سطح II جي مواد جي تمام گهڻي رقم ڪئي آهي، جڏهن ته, سطح سوم، تڏهن پنهنجن مسئلن جو ڪارڻ. I’m here to help you get past these so you can finally complete your CFA® exam process. وڌيڪ پڙهو >>